Archie Mega Man Ausgabe 49 ist die 49. Ausgabe der Mega Man Comics und ein Stand-Alone-Comic vor dem Crossover Worlds Unite.



On the eve of SONIC/MEGA MAN: WORLDS UNITE comes "Prisoners of War": Dr. Wily built his Robot Masters as tools of war—but when war is over, what happens to these mechanical servants? Mega Man has hopes that they can become tools of peace! Of course, not everyone agrees with Mega Man’s positive point of view. Will his optimism lead to his destruction? Meanwhile, who is the mysterious Mr. X, and what connection does he have to the past, present and future of Mega Man? This story leads into the next mega cross-title crossover “WORLDS UNITE” so don't miss a moment of the action! Featuring cover art from Mega Man rising star Edwin Huang and a "Renaissance Man" variant cover from Jason Piperberg!



  • Mega Man wird auf dem Variant Cover als vitruvianischer Mensch dargestellt. Hierbei wollte Leonardo da Vinci wissen, ob der Mensch mit ausgestreckten Gliedmaßen in ein Quadrat als auch in einen Kreis passt.